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Hello. We are the Moore Family. Welcome to our family website. We created this special place on the web to share some of our important moments. We hope this site will enable family and friends, to stay connected. We look forward to sharing our family news and special moments with you.  Feel free to use our contact page to contact us, and sign in to our guestbook too.
Please bear with me, as I attempt to learn how to add and enhance features on our site. Check back often for updates.

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Our Story

We met in Miami, FL back in 1990, & we were married on April 6, 1991 in Plantation, Florida where we lived with my In-Laws, as they were both dealing with some medical issues of their own. We got our son on Saturday, January 10, 1998. He was definately Love at first site for us. Harrison was 8 months old, and so adorable. The adoption was made official in April, and we started settling into family life. 

When Harrison was 3-1/2, he was diagnosed with Autism, and it changed our world. We frantically searched and researched everything we could on the subject, which at that time was not widely known. With special schools, tons of therapies, and a lot of prayers we saw him start to take baby steps in his development. In 2005 we moved to Orlando in pursuit of better schools and therapies for Harrison, and a better way of life for all of us.

In 2006 we decided we would adopt again, we wanted a little girl, and decided she should come from China. I had spent many years traveling to Asia for business, and have a great respect and admiration for the Chinese people & culture. We also made the decision at that time, to adopt a "waiting child" not an infant. What did we know from typical anyway? On December 10, 2007 we met our beautiful daughter Hannah (Miao Miao) in Zhengzhou, Henan, China. She was 5-1/2 years old, so small, and so scared. How she has changed our world as well. By far and away, the best thing we have done as a couple was to adopt our uniquely abled children. Our family has been through a lot of ups and downs over the years, as most families undergo. We have continued to grow stronger with each of the challenges God has sent our way. You can read about our journey to Hannah at

In early 2010, we made the decision to adopt again.  One last time we would know the thrill of adopting a child and learning about her as she learns about us. One more time we could dream about what it would be like to have another child to love, protect, cherish and nurture. To experience the fears and the fantastic extremes of emotion that you go through once you have made the decision to adopt. Will we be able to help her? Will she get along with our children? Will she learn to love us as we already love her? So this new web site will begin with the story of our adoption journey to Hailee Diane. We hope you will enjoy making this journey with us through these posts.

-Susan Andersen Moore

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